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We are currently working with some local partners to host the
first annual Sampson County Corn Festival! (That would be
Sweet Corn.)  The dates we are shooting for are June 28-29,
July 5-6, and July 12-13.  There will be vendors cooking our
sweet corn in various dishes and we plan you have "U-pick"
sweet corn for you to take home.  There are plans for music,
dancers and other entertainment.  We will have most fall fun
activities available also, but NO MAZE.  Stay tuned for more
information or like us on Facebook to stay completely current
For 2014, we were not planning to change our prices much, if any.  However, for
2014, there is a new law that states we must now begin charging sales tax on all
admissions.  Therefore, when you see a slight increase in our rates for 2014,
please know that will be the sales tax we are required to collect and pay to the